The WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod (WAPAE) is a performing arts competition first held in Bunbury since 1914 and held annually since 1958.  The 2020 eisteddfod was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, but plans are in place to hold the 2021 event.  Every year the Eisteddfod brings increased visitors to the region; generating income and promoting active community participation during the quieter winter period. Approximately 13,000 people pass through Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre (BREC) during the season, and can be involved on many levels as performers, supporters, volunteers, audience member, and committee members.

Performers of all ages, gender and abilities experience the rare opportunity of performing on stage in a professional theatre. They can demonstrate their skills, be recognised amongst their peers and community, and be encouraged to pursue their goals and dreams. An increasing number of the high-school participants go on to study at the West Australia Academy of Performing Arts and continue to forge careers in the performing arts arena.

Our Mission Statement

To promote the love, appreciation and advancement of the performing arts in the community by:

1)   Improving the confidence and skills of performing arts students.

2)   Recognising and promoting talent in the performing arts.

3)   Increasing community participation in the performing arts.

4)   Operating as an effective business – financially, organizationally and administratively, including effective marketing and public relations activities.

Our Audience and Participants

Key demographic groups that the Eisteddfod will benefit are children of all ages, families, schools and performing arts enthusiasts. WAPAE is an inclusive event catering to:

  1. a)  All ages and genders
  2. b)  All levels of skill and talent
  3. c)  Low, middle and high income earners
  4. d)  Young Australians
  5. e)  Indigenous Australians
  6. f)   Culturally and linguistically diverse audiences
  7. g)  Multicultural students
  8. h)  People with disabilities

Our targeted audience continues to increase each year and consists not only of participants’ family members and friends, school groups, but members of the general public who have an appreciation of the performing arts.

Western Australia