How to enter the WAPA Eisteddfod

1 Information needed to enter:

Prior to entering, you should read the : –

  • SCHEDULE to identify the sections you wish to enter
  • RULES & REGULATIONS relating to those section




The Eisteddfod uses the STARDOM system to manage entries. You will need to create a LOGON with STARDOM to be able to enter.
(If you had a LOGON last year, you should use that logon this year)
Logon Information  
Name, phone, postal address and email of person managing the entries


3 Enter the Eisteddfod:

All competitors in solos, duos, trios, quartets and dance troupes must complete a registration.

To register
Logon to Stardom the same as you do to enter the Eisteddfod
There is a Program within the Bunbury Eisteddfod 2023
called “Competitor Registration”. Click on that and follow the
prompts as if you are entering a section. You may register 1 or
more performers at a time.

The registration grants the competitor an entry pass to the auditorium for the duration of the Eisteddfod.
For dancers in a troupe the registration will be completed by the Dance School.
Registration fees are not required for Choirs, Bands, Orchestras, Ensembles, WACE sections, School Dance Groups or All Abilities

Entry limits The eisteddfod has limited time available for each discipline (ie piano, vocal etc). Therefore, entries may be closed early if the available capacity for the discipline has been reached.

Late entries This year entries have been extended by 2 weeks. Therefore, late entries will not be accepted.

  • You will need the following information to enter
  • Names and birth dates of all people being entered
  • Sections to be entered
  • Titles and authors of songs/backing tracks to be performed
  • Length of performance
  • A copy of the music script you are performing or the backing track you are using.

Entry process Login to Stardom and follow prompts to create an entry in Stardom


4 Send in Music Scripts or Backing Tracks:

  • Music & Backing tracks are now loaded in the Stardom system. They may be loaded at the time of entry or at any time after, up to the last date for loading.
  • Music & Backing tracks are due by the date shown on the dates page.
  • Music schools may send in music on paper with prior agreement of the president.

5 Send in Tech Form if required:

  • If required fill in and email Tech Forms to the Eisteddfod office. They are required to be submitted by the 18th May.
  • Tech forms are required for:-
  • Any Speech and Drama that has recorded accompaniment
  • Song and Dance
  • Contemporary Vocal Ensembles
  • Dance Production
  • All Bands and Orchestras.
  • All Just for Fun


6 All Groups, Troupes & Bands etc:

When the group goes to the Eisteddfod to perform, they need to take a copy of the form below. All performers, teachers and assistants names are required, so we can record movements into and out of the green room (OSH requirements).

Green Room Form Here

Additional Forms & Information for Dance

7 Modify Entry

Before entries close: – titles of songs chosen can be changed and payments made by credit card (if payment was not made at entry)

Instructions here

8 Microphones, Amps, Pianos & Other Equipment

WAPAE provides some standard instruments and equipment for each discipline . If you are unsure of what is available please read the list linked below.

List here

Western Australia